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Prevent a Diesel Engine Runaway: Diesel Tech Industries

One of the worst case scenarios for any vehicle powered by a diesel engine is for what’s known as an engine runaway. What are the contributing factors to a runaway?

First and foremost, the engine will take in an exorbitant amount of fuel as a result of a mechanical failure. When that occurs, the engine will begin to turn faster and faster to the point that it either shuts off or is destroyed. In layman’s terms, the vehicle will rev uncontrollably, which makes driving particularly dangerous. At that point, you’re facing the threat of losing your engine entirely and potentially getting into an accident.

The good news is that a diesel engine runaway is preventable. When you notice the engine kick into “overdrive,” carefully let off the gas, apply the brake and put the vehicle in neutral before pulling to the side of the road. At this point you have two options to prevent a runaway—spray a CO2 fire extinguisher near the intake to cut off the air supply or block the intake with an object such as a piece of plywood or a thick rag.

Avoid Diesel Engine Runaway with Diesel Tech Industries’ Products

At Diesel Tech Industries, we provide emergency air shut off valves that protect all engines and drivers from experiencing a diesel engine runaway. With units that provide engine shutdown capability from inside the cab, data recording and more, you’ll find complete protection from diesel engine runaway with our products. Learn more about our innovative systems and compare models using our provided information.

Above all, never place the effort of saving the engine over your own life. If you feel you’re not capable of stopping the engine on your own, alert the authorities and allow them to safely handle the situation.

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