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The DTI Guardian Shutdown System is unlike any positive air shut off valve system in the market today. With traditional shutdown systems operators have no way of determining why their Engine has stopped and once it has stopped, the valve is very difficult to be reset.


The system is designed so that the valve will not close unless users want their Engines to shutdown, whether it is by dash control, preset RPM shutdown or by key fob.


In our more advanced models, the DTI system records the status of the valve at the time of a shutdown and the butterfly design of the valve prevents the loading of unused fuel into the Engine when activated.


Equipped with “Intel-a-Valve Technology™” the Valve Control Unit (VCU) controller lets the user know the status of the valve through the LED light display and constantly monitors status of the positive air shut off valve system for any faults.


This enables a failure-free performance and makes it the only shutdown valve of its kind on the market.






Positive air shut off valve systems: Our Products
Manual Dash Control Open/Close from Inside Cab
Auto Cycle -Auto Clean - Auto Test
Automatic High RPM Shutdown
Auto Open Valve - Programmable
Test Cycle
CTO - FFT - VR RPM sensing
CANbus interface
PTO™ Guard Shutdown Mode -Protects PTO and Transmission
Additional Auxiliaries ( up to 4 total)
Event Logging
Bluetooth connectivity
Remote Keyfob - to operate valve wirelessly from outside the cab
Intrinsically Safe Key fob

Easy to use!

DTI Guardian Safety System utilizes simple plug and play technology, making installation quick and cost-effective compared to other diesel shutdown systems

Easy To Operate!

Our System doesn’t require you to search the engine compartment to reset it. Using an electronic system and dash controller it allows you to simply Stop/Run the valve with the push of a button

Easy To Test!

All DTI Guardian Systems contain a build in, easy-to-use, “Test” function which allows you to safely test the DTI Guardian Safety System from the driver’s seat