Diesel Tech Industries’ Impact at the 2024 Canadian Hydrogen Convention

At the recent Canadian Hydrogen Convention (CHC) in Edmonton, Diesel Tech Industries (DTI) made significant strides towards advancing clean transportation technologies. Our participation was marked by engaging discussions, strategic partnerships, and the unveiling of innovative solutions poised to drive the hydrogen economy forward. DTI proudly exhibited at the convention, sharing a booth with Diversified Transportation and showcasing three units, including retrofitted, Diversified Transportation Prevost Motorcoach, Creative Truck Performance Ltd. Peterbilt Class 8, and an Edmonton Transit System (ETS) Transit Unit, all equipped with the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System. These displays exemplified DTI’s commitment to revolutionizing the transportation industry through hydrogen integration.

Panel Discussions and Presentations:

Empowering Alberta’s Energy Transition: Kelly Wry, Business Development Manager at DTI, joined industry leaders on a panel titled “Alberta’s Next Wave of Energy Prosperity Starts with Hydrogen.” Alongside Laura Kilcrease of Alberta Innovates and Bryan Helfenbaum from Clean Energy Alberta, Kelly highlighted the pivotal role of hydrogen in shaping Alberta’s future energy landscape.

Technology for Sustainable Transportation: Rebecca Goldsack, COO of DTI, participated in a panel hosted by Edmonton Global, focusing on transformative technologies driving the shift towards net-zero transportation. Rebecca underscored the impact of hydrogen technology on clean mobility.

Driving the Hydrogen Vehicle Challenge: Rebecca Goldsack also delivered a presentation on “Advancing Hydrogen-Diesel Retrofit Technology for Green Transportation Solutions in Alberta.” She introduced our Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System (HDS), a cutting-edge retrofit technology that promises substantial environmental and financial benefits.

Strategic Partnerships

DTI is proud to announce our partnership with the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) to retrofit their sweepers with our Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System. This collaboration embodies our commitment to real-world applications of clean technology, reducing emissions, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Innovation Funding and ERA Support

The CHC also witnessed the announcement of strategic innovation funding by the Government of Alberta, facilitated through Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA). DTI secured ERA funding to advance retrofit kits for diesel engines, enabling co-combustion of diesel fuel and hydrogen gas—a crucial step towards decarbonizing transportation.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all delegates who visited our booth and engaged with our team. The support and enthusiasm for clean transportation solutions at CHC were truly inspiring. Special thanks to the Canadian Hydrogen Convention and Edmonton Global for hosting this impactful event, driving innovation and sustainability in the transportation sector.

As we navigate towards a greener future, DTI remains committed to pioneering technologies that deliver tangible environmental benefits while advancing the adoption of hydrogen in transportation. Together, let’s build a sustainable and resilient future for our communities.