Guardian Turbo Timer

What is the Guardian Turbo Timer?

The Guardian Turbo Timer is designed to cool down the engine and turbo after running it under load. It allows time to stabalize the emission systems so they can run at optimum operation. This means that after treatment codes will be not be generated due to immediate shutdown. 

Guardian Turbo Timer is an automatic system that will start immediately after the key has been turned off. 

Guardian Turbo Timer

No more fault codes with proper engine cool down system


  • Stabilize Emission System reduces fault codes.
  • Longer Turbo life expectancy 
  • Less maintenance cost, won’t have error engine codes for the emission system. 
  • Easy to install 
  • Operator doesn’t need to do anything.
  • Made in Canada

Easy Install

1. Use the included dash controller template to mark the holes using a paint pen that will need to be drilled.

2. Use a 3/16″ drill to drill the three holes. Ensure that any sharp edges are removed around the hole.

3. Remove the connector from the dash controller and insert the cable through the lower hole on the dash. Place the dash controller so that the set screws go through the drilled holes and fasten the 2 keps locknuts so that the dash controller is secure.

4. Using this guide, reinsert the wires into the connector.

5. Install red power wire to 12V or 24V battery. (pin#1)

6. Install white ignition wire 12V or 24V ignition. (pin #2)

7. Install the black wire, to a chassis ground. (pin #3)

8. Install green wire from timed relay to ignition. (pin #4)

9. Start-up equipment: Once the equipment has been turned off by the key. The LED light will go on once the unit is turned off the LED will flash and the engine will stay running for 5 minutes. To add 5 minutes to the timer, press and hold the RUN button for 3 seconds. It will beep and 5 more minutes will be added.**

10. To cancel the timer sequence, press and hold the STOP button.

The fuse has already been installed in the fuse holder.

Wiring Diagram