Does your fleet need a dash cam?

Over the past decade, the transportation has seen a huge increase in technological advances. The latest being the ELD and becoming more available from different companies. Along with an ELD, some companies now offer a dashcam with their system. There are many benefits for having an add-on dashcam. These are just three top reasons why it can be an added benefit to your fleet. 


The ELD mandate is not just about being compliant. Dashcams can protect and support the fleet in the event of a collision. Compliance and keeping truck drivers accountable to being safe on the road is another advantage. 


Insurance companies are starting to create programs for truckers to reduce premiums with devices that help contribute to road safety. These include ELD and dashcams. 


Dashcams are proving to be the equipment for defense against any fraudulent claims. Accident statements are sometimes fragmented and it is impossible to prove who’s lying. Recordings from the dashcam can be used in incident reviews and to prove that a driver is not at fault. 

The Guardian ELOG is one of our first innovations to improve the safety and efficiency for the transportation industry. We now offer a dashcam that works seamlessly with our Guardian ELOG if fleets want an additional safety feature. 

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