Hops & Hydrogen Event: A Revolutionary Discussion on the Future of Transportation

July 6th, 2023, Diesel Tech Industries co-hosted with Edmonton Region  Hydrogen Hub, the highly anticipated Hops & Hydrogen Event at the DTI Facility. This event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion about the crucial role of hydrogen in addressing the transportation sector’s environmental challenges. 

The panelists delved into various aspects of the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions and how it applied to their respective fields.

  • Mark Lea-Wilson: Hydrogen HUB Lead at The Transition Accelerator (Panel Moderator)
  • Derek Hanson: Director of Transit at the City of Edmonton
  • Derek McLean: Sustainable Energy Manager at Surerus Murphy Joint Venture
  • Evan Grant: Owner at Creative Truck Performance Inc.
  • David Richards: General Manager, Employee Transportation at Diversified Transportation

During the panel session, several key discussion points emerged. David Richards from Diversified Transportation expressed his concerns about the mounting pressures and expectations surrounding the transition to net-zero emissions in the transportation sector, shedding light on the significant challenges faced by the industry as it navigates this critical transformation. Derek Hanson, representing the City of Edmonton, provided insights into the challenge of balancing sunk capital and new capital requirements, offering an overview of the city’s approach to addressing this issue within the broader context of corporate operations. Evan Grant, from Creative Truck Performance Inc., discussed the challenges his company encounters when considering alternative fuels, particularly in regions like Saskatchewan and Western Canada. He emphasized the importance of overcoming unfamiliarity and perceived threats associated with new fuel technologies. Derek McLean, representing Surerus Murphy Joint Venture, highlighted the unique factors and opportunities that exist beyond major urban centers like Edmonton, emphasizing the need to explore and leverage innovative solutions in areas less connected to major transportation corridors. The panel concluded with a discussion on the role of industry in driving future conversations about sustainable transportation. All panelists shared their perspectives on how industry can actively contribute to discussions at the international, national, and provincial levels, complementing government efforts.

Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System: In addition to the panel discussion, DTI proudly showcased our commercialized Diversified Prevost Motorcoach, powered by the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System, a revolutionary achievement in the field of sustainable transportation.

The Hops & Hydrogen Event organized by Diesel Tech Industries successfully provided a platform for meaningful discussions on the future of transportation. The panelists, with their expertise and diverse backgrounds, shed light on the challenges, opportunities, and the essential role industry plays in driving sustainable transportation initiatives. As we collectively work towards a greener future, events like these pave the way for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the implementation of innovative solutions in the transportation sector.