Press Release: HVMS Introduces New Zealand Installation Hub for Canadian Developed Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System

HVMS, a leading provider in the decarbonization of transportation, announces the establishment of its partnership with Diesel Tech Industries, to be an installation facility for the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System in New Zealand. This initiative marks a significant step towards advancing sustainable solutions within the region’s heavy transportation sector.

HVMS, a privately held company under the leadership of Mark Irving, Richard Gatward & Scott Hale, an emerging force in New Zealand’s heavy vehicle industry.  HVMS has developed a robust client base across Australasia, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

“The establishment of HVMS’s installation facility for the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System in New Zealand marks a pivotal moment in advancing sustainable transportation solutions. Together, we are setting new standards in emissions reduction and environmental stewardship,” commented Rebecca Goldsack, COO of Diesel Tech Industries.

The Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System, developed by Diesel Tech Industries, represents a cutting-edge dual-fuel technology designed to lower emissions and enhance operational efficiency in diesel-powered vehicles. HVMS will leverage its expertise in procurement, installation, and compliance to support companies in transitioning to cleaner transport solutions through vehicle conversions and educational initiatives.

“Having the industry-leading Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System commercially available to our New Zealand and Australian customers is a game changer, allowing fleet owners to continue to utilize their existing diesel-powered fleets whilst making solid steps towards decarbonization. 100% hydrogen OEM vehicles are still some years away with respect to suitable supply and affordability, making the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System a viable and prudent dual fuel product for today, helping cut diesel use and reduce emissions,” stated Mark Irving, BDM of HVMS.

HVMS is poised to accelerate the adoption of the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System through its comprehensive service offerings, encompassing installation, integration, and training. This partnership exemplifies HVMS’s dedication to driving meaningful change in the industry, reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable heavy vehicle transport solutions.

About HVMS

HVMS, headquartered in New Zealand, is committed to supporting companies in decarbonizing their fleets through innovative solutions and extensive industry experience. As a subsidiary of East Coast Heavy Diesel Limited (ECHD), HVMS offers a wide range of services including procurement, installation, compliance, and training to facilitate the transition to sustainable transport technologies. For more information about HVMS and its initiatives, contact

About Diesel Tech Industries

Diesel Tech Industries, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a pioneer in transportation technology, specializing in innovative solutions for the trucking industry. The Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System represents their latest advancement, aimed at reducing emissions and enhancing operational efficiency in diesel vehicles through dual-fuel hydrogen blending technology. For more information about DTI and its initiatives, visit

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