Thank you, Truck Drivers

Canada is a vast and unique country, as Canadians, we share a pride and admiration for the qualities of this great place.  These things that make our country great are also the things that present some considerable challenges.  

Many of us have endured the stress of a long drive or the anxiety behind meeting a deadline or making an appointment safely.  Now think about these concepts as playing an integral part in your job.  Truck Drivers face these challenges every day.

If you got it, A truck Brought it!

These Soldiers of behind the scene logistics champion the responsibilities that drive our nation.  From the restocking of shelves to emergency relief supplies, our truckers are there for us.  Vital medical and sanitation supplies rely on distribution throughout the country, our truckers are there for us. 

The trucking industry may be a different front line than the medical field, during this pandemic, it can be measured at equal importance. 

The advancement and security of all aspects of our contemporary society rely heavily on the sophistication and implementation of a modern supply chain. And the integrity of said supply chain is the responsibility of the Professional Driver.

Let’s all thank our truck drivers in as many ways as we can, whether it’s with a “thank you!” at the pumps or buying one a coffee in the drive-through.  Even by simply following the rules of the road and being aware of our surroundings, we will be showing these important men and women our respect and thanks.