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Only at Diesel Tech Industries we offer event logging featuresEvent Logging

Only at Diesel Tech Industries we offer feature of event logging. Besides passive monitoring event log on a valve is able to react to more than dozens events, making it  In general, system equipped with Shut Off valves benefit from event log monitoring because it helps to show more about what’s happening.


Rather than simple passive logging of events, our systems event log monitoring helps to detect when something bad is happening.


  • Real-time event logs that provide a detailed report for when and why the valve was opened, closed, as well as dozens other events
  • Capture of Run-Time activity of the PTO and precise time of when its engage/disengage status.
  • Records of operators who are regularly testing the valve system.
  • Historical records every time the valve position was changed. Each record contains exact time and reason why the valve has moved.
  • Automatically log  off-truck equipment safety test for trailer safety systems such as BASE Engineering and Seelevel™ systems.

In order to access logs, manually connect Valve Control Unit to a device with our software


  • Increased Safety

  • Accountability

  • System Health Monitoring

  • Liability Protection

  • Business Intelligence