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Guardian Elite

Rollover Protection


Air Intake Valve Shutdown, Stop/Run from inside cab, RPM Shutdown, RPM test, PTO Guard™ Shutdown Mode, Pull to Ground, Event Logging Auto Cycling, Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop Monitoring via Bluetooth™ Rollover Protection, Handheld RF Remote Control Shutdown, Master Shutdown Capability.


Optional Extras:


Inputs + Outputs, such as:


H2S Shutdown, Pressure Shutdown, Proximity Shutdown, Temperature Shutdown, Vibration Shutdown, Flow Shutdown.


The Elite Model offers some unique features that are a step above the Pro model, such as, using Bluetooth™ Technology to connect with the VCU in order to gain access to event logging records.

DTI’s latest technology integrates multiple inclinometers that measure the device’s angle in real-time.


If the vehicle starts to tip (and exceed the custom-set safe angles), the Guardian Safety System will automatically shut off your engine.


This means that damage to your equipment is minimized and further repair costs are avoided.

Handheld RF Remote Control

The Elite and Premium Guardian Safety Systems use a handheld remote which has a radio frequency key fob that allows the operator to start or shutdown their equipment remotely whenever needed.


This is particularly relevant to fracking and refueling applications as operators are often away from their engine.

Master Shutdown Capability

The Guardian Master System can save lives and equipment by instantly and simultaneously shutting down all diesel engines (equipped with Elite and Premium DTI Valves) in a pre-defined area.


This is the safest and quickest method of minimizing losses if an incident occurs and can save your company significantly on costs.