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Guardian Pro


Air Intake Valve Shutdown, Stop/Run from inside cab, RPM Shutdown,RPM test,PTO Guard™ Shutdown Mode, Pull to Ground, Event Logging, Auto Cycling.


Optional Extras:


Inputs + Outputs, such as:


H2S Shutdown, Pressure Shutdown, Proximity Shutdown, Temperature Shutdown,Vibration Shutdown, Flow Shutdown.


As well as offering all of the Basic + model features, the is Pro model is equipped with more advanced features which provide a wider range of protection.

Auto Cycling

The Valve Auto Cycler is the only product on the market that has safe testing, this means that even if the operator of the unit doesn’t test their system it will automatically swipe the valve and record the information in the event log for them.


Diesel engines have an increased carbon build up in their intake systems due to the introduction of EGR and DPF systems which the DTI Guardian System helps to clear.

Inputs + Outputs

The DTI Guardian System has been designed to receive multiple auxiliary inputs, all of which can be monitored and set to shutdown the system if set levels are reached.


Examples of the Inputs and Outputs are being able to monitor the H2S levels,Pressure levels, Vibration levels and Temperature levels.


These Inputs and Outputs are added components to our Valve system, therefore working with our Engineering team you can build a custom valve to suit your needs, with each added component incurring an extra cost.

Event Logging

The Pro model offers access to real-time logs of the DTI Guardian Safety System which provides you with the ultimate in liability protection and the ability to check which operators are regularly testing the system.


In order to access the logs all you need to do is manually connect the harness and download the program software. Once complete you can download the event logs for your unit.